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WelcHome is an expert in the provision of services for the management of real estate.

The main purpose, but not exclusive, is to relieve the owners and tenants of any responsibility related to the maintenance and management of the properties, both in terms of the lease and the administration of income.

WelcHome specializes in managing tenants who need to live for a limited period of time in Milan, offering them services that make guests feel assisted by the moment they are looking for the house, for every need that should arise during their stay.

For more information, to speak with one of our experts, or for a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us: info@welchome.holiday

For this purpose the consultancy includes:
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  • management of the target audience, that is to say to whom to allocate the property based on: area, type, size, floor and furnishings
  • price management, based on the duration and period in which the guest’s stay falls

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Other Activities That WelcHome Offers to the Owner:
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  • hiring information on the lease applicant
  • delivery of the property clean and equipped with all comforts (linen included)
  • drafting of the sale report to the Public Safety Authorities
  • registration of the contract with the Registry Office, in case of contracts over 30 days
  • management, collection and payment of the tourist tax with the Municipality
  • collection of fees and ancillary costs
  • ordinary maintenance intervention
  • cleaning of the premises